[TYPO3-english] UnexpectedValueException when loading list module in 6.0.1~6.0.4

Mark Roemermann mark at nasaustralia.com.au
Wed Mar 20 00:46:01 CET 2013

Hi Dirk,

I'm having trouble reliably reproducing it here, it does seem to have
something to do with cc_devlog but if its an almost bare site it will
work so there must be some strange interaction with other exts.

I also have flux etc installed (we need a collective noun for these
extensions now - posse?) and havn't considered that they may be part of
it, still trying to find the combination of devlog and something else
that causes this.

If I narrow the combination down though (not being a programmer) I'm not
sure how to put it in a bug report - the error itself doesn't give much
to work with - no stack trace etc, and would I put it to the core or to
one, or more exts?


On 20/03/2013 12:02 AM, Dirk Wenzel wrote:
> My installation was upgraded from 4.6.12 and I had to remove several
> extensions to get it running amongst others fed and dam. fed was
> replaced by its successors vhs, flux, fluidpages.
> Both pages where located outside the page tree below the root page (with
> the main template record).
> After moving them into the page tree the error was gone.

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