[TYPO3-english] html5 typo3 figure/figcaption ieProblem

Christian Tauscher christian.tauscher at media-distillery.de
Thu Mar 14 19:31:15 CET 2013

This message was postet in the German  list bevore, without any
response. Maybe you know more about this:

If you cconfigure TYPO3 for html5, images are renderd this way:

<div class="csc-textpic-imagecolumn csc-textpic-firstcol">
<figure class="csc-textpic-image csc-textpic-last">
	<img src="bilde" width="100">
	<figcaption class="csc-textpic-caption">
		Vorfrühling im Allgäu_Öl Platte_1931_WVZ 153011

<figure> doeas not have a fixed with, its the <img> that comes with that

Now, if you have a long caption, it can be the caption is longer than
the images width. The <figcaption> has no width - css: auto - so the
figcaption may become wider than the image is. and figure (no with, too)
will span wider.

Result is: images in a line will fail to render propperly.

This behavior is in ie7.

"modern" Browsers render as expected (figcaption not wider than the
image bevore), but this is wrong:
Why should the successor render like a image bevor???

<figure> itself should should be rendered with some with, bevore the
browser-developer change this behaviour to be logic....

For ie7 i have som little JS, that looks for figure and applay the width
of the following image tho this.

This is a bug-Fix, no real solution.

Before I file this at forge, please guve me your opinion, if I am wrong
or css_styled_content is.

Thank you for your opinion,


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