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Thu Mar 14 10:25:55 CET 2013

Il 14/03/2013 09:50, von Plocki ha scritto:
> Thank you!!
> Yes that was only an extension.
> The point to this problem is also that I do not have any acces to the 
> tools and configuration.
> Please if u got a minute check this adress...
> http://silverline.tv/typo3/backend.php

Use FTP: download /typo3conf/localconf.php, edit it and reload it.
Then, delete any temp_CACHED_* file in the same folder.

That should solve the problem.



> So Do I probably need to talk to the responsable from Server 
> intallation or how do I access to the config?
> Sorry 4 my ognorance about this.
> regards
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