[TYPO3-english] A black day for the TYPO3 community

Andreas Becker ab.becker at web.de
Mon Jun 10 13:45:50 CEST 2013

Well said Thomas +1

On Mon, Jun 10, 2013 at 4:31 PM, Thomas Skierlo <pubtsk1 at pix-pro.eu> wrote:

> Hi,
> discussions on various lists over the last years proved to me that, after
> the old captain has abandoned the ship, a new management has moved in. It's
> members are all captains, or to be more precise, they are "programming
> captains" with a firm understanding of the very latest programming
> paradigms -- but a serious lack of understanding of the term "CMS". CMS
> were once invented to allow "normal, none programming people" to publish
> content. TV was (and still is) a strong building stone for those users,
> since the core continuously neglects the demand for modern/individual
> content elements. Today we have an ultraslim core, which can't really
> handle "Content" in terms of today's needs.
> Over the last 5 years I noticed a very strange thing. While the vast
> majority of users build feature rich websites with the help of TV, some
> core team members started a kind of campaign against TV ("nobody needs
> TV"). Hopefully they only did it for technical reasons. I don't know.
> I stopped using TV for new projects for that very reason in 2008, just to
> find out that there was no real alternative. In fact there isn't any today,
> at least if you wish to use versioning as well as multilingual features. I
> knew that the time would come for a hard break between TV and the core, and
> I expected it for 6.0. To my surpriseTolleivagain did the trick. Now he
> stops any further development -- and I can clearly understand his decision.
> Without attending TYPO3 Camp Stuttgart I really feel ashame for those
> people cheering on Tolleiv's decision to stop TV. I doubt that any of them
> will ever play a positive role in a way Tolleiv did.
> I'd wish the people in the core team would realize the need for a
> sophisticated content element inside the core. In an (E)CMS the "C"-part
> can never be a place for an extension. It's like a car manufacturer which
> only builds chassis, leaving engines to the community. This will never
> work, as you can see if you realize the decrease of TYPO3's popularity over
> the years.
> The current situation is no problem for the inner circle. Itactually might
> even profit from it --at least until the last customer of TYPO3 hasmoved on
> to other shores. For TYPO3 it's just another stab in it's back -- possibly
> the final one.
> I've burned thousands of hours taking pace with TYPO3 development since
> 2008, and on my way I've lost any hope in the existence of reasonable
> strategies for TYPO3 -- not as a development framework, but as a CMS, which
> it once was.
> Anyhow: Thank you for your great work, Tolleiv!
> Regards,
> Thomas Skierlo
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