[TYPO3-english] extbase findAll() default_sortby

Muriel le Pair typo3 at strangefruit.nl
Tue Jul 30 15:28:00 CEST 2013


I would like findAll() to order by they default_sortby set in the TCA, 
but it doesn't work.
How are you expected to sort a query in extbase?

In ext_tables.php both sortby and default_sortby have been set to the 
sorting field.

'sortby' => 'sorting',
'default_sortby' => 'ORDER BY sorting',

I would expect that findAll() would use this settings, but somehow they 
are ignored.

I have been looking at 
but the odd thing is that I can't find any options to order by.

So in good old plain mysql: SELECT * from mytable ORDER BY sorting asc.

kind regards,

Muriel le Pair

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