[TYPO3-english] Shortcut with 301 option for shortlinks

bernd wilke t3ng at bernd-wilke.net
Mon Jul 29 17:02:03 CEST 2013

Am 29.07.13 16:19, schrieb d.ros:
> Am 29.07.2013 16:05, schrieb bernd wilke:
>> Am 29.07.13 12:33, schrieb d.ros:
>>> Hello,
>>> once there was #17037 to make shortcut handling better. But this still
>>> has a litte space to work even more better which could be resolved with
>>> an additional switch where the name could be "chosen page with 301".
>>> At the moment the link points directly to the target page, but there are
>>> usecases where it makes sense to give an editor the possiblity to
>>> generate shortcut links pointing to pages which reside deeper in a page.
>>> Atm. you could make a new page and use "show content from" which has the
>>> disadvantage of double content. There are also possiblities to set those
>>> entries with realURL or cooluri or even .htaccess but this is quite
>>> unhandy for editors.
>>> If you could set an 301 option to the shortcut, you would have a link
>>> like www.domain.com/short redirecting to www.domain.com/in/a/deeper/tree
>>> with a 301
>>> IMHO it makes quite sense to make this setting settable for editors.
>> As of TYPO3 4.7 (or was it 4.6?) links to pages of type shortcut are
>> generated as links to the target page.
>> you only get a redirect if you call the page immediate (index.php?id=123)
>> it's a pity that external URL is not handled in the same way.
>> I just had a project with static export and had to replace the internal
>> page url with the corresponding external url.
>> bernd
> External link is not an option as you cannot generate the short url on
> the fly. ATM: The only workaroud is to place the shortcut under a tree
> that is hidden from pagepath, open that page so the url cache ( cooluri
> or realurl - doesn´t matter ) is filled and switching the page to
> shortcut mode. That way you can manage shortcut urls as editor. But once
> the url cache is emptied the links are gone and you have to respawn them
> by hand.
> so file a vote for this please !

I don't understand your wish or your problem. (external url was just a 
annotation about the different handling of external URLs)

I try to resume your doing:

you have a page www.domain.com/short with content,
then you move the content to www.domain.com/in/a/deeper/tree
then you change the first page into a shortcut of the second page

now you want all links to the first page to redirect with 301 to the 
second page?

as I mentioned before:
all links inside of typo3 will never point to www.domain.com/short but 
only to www.domain.com/in/a/deeper/tree.

'deeplinks' from external may call the old URL and will be redirected 
(without 301) to the new page.
BUT with realURL you can insert a 301 redirect by yourself. I don't know 
whether collUrl has the same options.

BTW: which T3-version do you use?


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