[TYPO3-english] Generate GMenu with Typo3 6.1

David Gurk dgurk at medienwerft.de
Wed Jul 3 14:56:48 CEST 2013

The problem is, tha "data = levelmedia:-1, slide" refers to the actual page. 

What you need, is the uid of the linked page. Within a (H/T/G)MENU this uid should be available with ".data = field:uid" or ".field = uid".

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You are correct. 
When I removed the 'import' from the treatIdAsReference line (as suggested also by Ralf-Rene) I got the same result : the image only shows when I'm on that page, so what's happening is that when I hover my drop-down (if I am inside one of those sub-pages) all my menu items have the same image which is not correct (see attachment)
begin 644 screenshot-menu.png

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