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Kay Strobach typo3 at kay-strobach.de
Fri Jan 25 11:40:25 CET 2013

Hi ben,

what requirements do i need to met to join?
I'd like to improve TER as well and would spend some time :D


Am 24.01.13 18:07, schrieb ben van 't ende:
> Hey Guys,
> We will focus some attention on TER at the typo3.org code sprint that will be
> held from March 21 - 24 in Wiesbaden. It would be great if you can join the
> team: http://goo.gl/HZv1e
> gRTz ben
> On 24/01/13 13:31, d.ros wrote:
>> Am 24.01.2013 11:50, schrieb Tomas Norre Mikkelsen:
>>> Hi,
>>> My boss just went to my desk with a suggestion for the TER. How about
>>> creating it more like an APP-store (Extension-Store). The TER is not
>>> that structured if you don't know excatly what you are looking for.
>>> I Know its a buzz-word these days, but i think the idea of grouping the
>>> extensions by category, purpose etc, newest updates etc.. will give a
>>> better overview of extensions available, which is popular and which is
>>> mostly used. I know there is a posibility today to filter your search
>>> result, but you dont know always what to search for to find a specific
>>> extension, not all extensions are named well.
>>> What do you think of the idea? I will be glad helping with this
>>> change/implementations if liked?
>> Hi Tomas,
>> I´ve made a lot of suggestions for the TER in the German Newsgroup in the +1/-1
>> Thread. I´m going to port this to english and maybe directly to the TER.
>> I think i´ll post in english till the weekend.
>> So long best wished
>> David
>> "Let´s make the TYPO3 world better!"

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