[TYPO3-english] problem with cache

Dawid Pacholczyk dpacholczyk at gmail.com
Tue Jan 22 14:06:18 CET 2013

Hello List,
 I have a big problem with cache on my installation.

When I come first time on the site it is generated live - slow. It`s
obvious (there is a cHash param)
When I change browser (from firefox to chrome) and visit the site (3rd
visit with out clearing cache) with same cHash value I get site generated
live - not from cache

Why is that ? Is cache created per user ? Should I get it from cache
created in first and second visit on firefox ?

best regards,
Dawid Pacholczyk

Dawid Pacholczyk
tel: 502-054-334
gg: 5564051
skype: dpacholczyk
http://typo3blog.pl (only polish version at the moment)

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