[TYPO3-english] Where to put setup and constant definitions?

Peter Kühnlein peter at function2form.net
Tue Jan 15 17:04:31 CET 2013

Am 15.01.2013 16:26, schrieb Philipp Gampe:
> Hi Benoit,
> Benoit Montereau wrote:
>> Does exist a better method? Is the new one better regarding performance?
> Moving the TS templates to files was do for versioning reasons. I am not
> sure about performance, but I think the database records a slightly (but
> unnoticeable) faster.
Hi Philipp & Benoit,

afaik, there is no difference in performance. The TS is cached anyway - 
that's why you have to clear caches when making changes to a TS stored 
in files. I prefer that method these days - just remember to protect 
your TS in the .htaccess

Regards, Peter
>> By the way, could someone let me know if all the extensions compatible
>> with 4.7 should be rewrote for 6.0?
> This is up to the extension authors. Most extensions will still work with
> TYPO3 6.0 due to the compatibility layer.
> Best regards



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