[TYPO3-english] question about ext_typoscript_setup.txt

christian oettinger christian.oettinger at gmx.de
Thu Jan 10 17:46:23 CET 2013

Hi Tom,

you can see all Typoscript-Settings as it comes out at the end in 
Web:Template -> TypoScript Object-Browser
And all Templates that are involved in Web:Template-> Template Analyzer. 
So go check there first if your file is in the list.

The file ext_typoscript_setup.txt is only respected if you include your 
extension in your Template (Template -> info/modify -> edit whole 
template record -> flag "include")

hope this helps
christian (oe)

> Hi,
> Below info is from typo3conf/ext/class_tag/ext_typoscript_setup.txt,
> plugin.tx_classtag_pi1 {
>   templateFile = EXT:class_tag/res/template.html
>   lifework {
>    register {
> ...
> where can I find the same code in typo3 admin side? I went to
> template->root, but did not see it.
> Tom

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