[TYPO3-english] indexeds search configuration: records in one folder, shown on different pages

christian oettinger christian.oettinger at gmx.de
Thu Jan 10 16:34:53 CET 2013

Hi List,

I may just be stupid (I'm serious, it's possible that I just don't get 
the idea), but I have a problem with indexed search and indexing 
configuration / crawler. Hope somebody can help.

I have an extension where some records (books) lie all in one folder. 
But they are shown on different pages, depending on categories.

indexed_search used to work for me without any problems. I used an 
outside tool (wget) for indexing the page, so each book shows up on the 
page it should. Exactly as it is on the site in reality.

When using indexing configuration / crawler now, it will not 
automatically respect the reality of my site for it is not following the 
Frontend output. Instead I have to define everything again. Not nice, 
but OK. If I am defining an idexing configuration for tt_content it will 
not list my records of course, so I have to do one for each record too. 
But when defining an indexing configuration for books I can not 
determine the categories mentioned above, so it will respectively list 
all books, not just the ones that belong to the particular page.

The bad thing now is that with the new indexed search I seem to be 
forced to use indexing configuration, for otherwise I will not get page 
regions in my search result list.

Am I missing something at one point or misunderstanding the concept?
Thanks for any hint!

christian (oe)

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