[TYPO3-english] TYPO3 6.0: Using FAL image in a flexform as an element

Udo Leimberger udo at t3developer.de
Thu Jan 10 14:28:28 CET 2013

Hello @all,
I tried to add a FAL image as an element in a flexform.

Here is my flexformcode:
                                <foreign_match_fields type="array">
                                <foreign_selector_fieldTcaOverride type="array">
                                <appearance type="array">
                                    <createNewRelationLinkTitle>Add new Image</createNewRelationLinkTitle>
                                    <enabledControls type="array">

This works but I have some questions. Perhaps there are some bugs also.

1) How can you change a palette view for this element. If I render a flexform with the config above .. i can add images with title and descriptions, but i miss alternate text and link like in an  regular FAL image CE.

2) if I change parameters in the enabledControls section i.e. detele => TRUE to delete => FALSE the paperbasket for deleting items is already in the rendered form. Same to hide or new.

3) Maxitems - parameter seems to have no influence.

Does anybody have the same problems with FAL images (media) in a flexform ?


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