[TYPO3-english] WEC Staff Directory : Department listing in singleview

Jogvan Olsen jo at atlanticvideo.dk
Wed Jan 9 20:33:15 CET 2013

Hi List

In singleview I want to display all staff departments which the staff 
member works in.

But it seems not to work in singleview - only in listview. In singleview 
only one department is listed (the department with the lowest id).

Can anyone tell what I am missing / do wrong?

I have enabled "Use Staff Department Records" in the Extension Manager.

If I disable "Use Staff Department Records", and enter departments 
manually (dep1|dep2|dep3), all departments show up in singleview.

Does someone have a solution?

Jogvan Olsen

I use:
TYPO3 ver. 4.5.22
WEC Staff Directory ver.  2.1.2

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