[TYPO3-english] config.typolinkCheckRootline doesn't honor subdirectories ...?

B. Kausch b.kausch at kids-interactive.de
Wed Jan 9 15:05:19 CET 2013

That is the case: I have one installation of typo3 (4.5.22) und two 
domains. But the typo3 installation is not in the webroot of the domain, 
but in a subfolder, it can be reached through:


All is configured as a multidomain installation should be configured (we 
can leave RealURL aside). Especially the typoscript 
config.typolinkCheckRootline is set to true. When I try to link with 
typolink from one domain to a page on the other domain, the subdirectory 
is not honored: the link www.domain2.com/index.php?id=666 will be 
created. Of course that is wrong. Is that a bug or is it just me?


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