[TYPO3-english] huge amount of queries to tx_extbase_cache_object table

Duchesnes Grégory - Ilomedia contact at ilomedia.net
Mon Jan 7 15:48:36 CET 2013


i've tried to disable extbase object and reflection cache by adding the following lines to my ext_localconf.php file. This worked for reflection cache but my settings for object cache are ignored, therefore i still have 233 queries in my log.
I've tried APC backend, this increases performances a bit but does not reduce the number of queries.
And yes, Caching framework is activated.

Seems like the backend for extbase cache object is always ignored.

//$GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['SYS']['caching']['cacheConfigurations']['cache_extbase_object']['backend'] = 't3lib_cache_backend_ApcBackend';
//$GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['SYS']['caching']['cacheConfigurations']['cache_extbase_reflection']['backend'] = 't3lib_cache_backend_ApcBackend';
$GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['SYS']['caching']['cacheConfigurations']['cache_extbase_object']['backend'] = 't3lib_cache_backend_NullBackend';
$GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['SYS']['caching']['cacheConfigurations']['cache_extbase_reflection']['backend'] = 't3lib_cache_backend_NullBackend';


Grégory Duchesnes - ilomedia
contact at ilomedia.net

Le 5 janv. 2013 à 21:27, Steffen Müller <typo3 at t3node.com> a écrit :

> Hi.
> Am 04.01.2013 22:50, schrieb Duchesnes Grégory - Ilomedia:
>> To my great surprise i have more than 200 queries to the tx_extbase_cache_object table every time i load a page, it seems insane to me (and my server too). I use TYPO 4.5.
> Try to use apc as caching backend instead of Db for tx_extbase_cache_object:
> $TYPO3_CONF_VARS['SYS']['caching']['cacheConfigurations']['tx_extbase_cache_object']['backend']
> = 't3lib_cache_backend_ApcBackend';
> In 4.5 you possibly have to turn on the caching framework if not yet done:
> $TYPO3_CONF_VARS['SYS']['useCachingFramework'] = true
> (should be removed in >= 4.6)
> Do not use apc as caching backend if you work in shared hosting
> environments:
> http://wiki.typo3.org/Caching_framework#t3lib_cache_backend_ApcBackend
> To be honest, I can't remember if I truly have proved the performance
> impact myself. And I forgot where this suggestion came from.
> -- 
> cheers,
> Steffen
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