[TYPO3-english] Commerce and tt_products

Stig Nørgaard Færch snf at dkm.dk
Tue Jan 1 12:43:46 CET 2013


I'm looking for a webshop solution for TYPO3, and always thought that 
tt_products was some old outdated extension and that commerce was the 
way to go.

But I can see that tt_products is being actively developed.

So the question is which one to go for, and what the differences are?

Does both of them work with TYPO3 4.7 and 6.0.

Also, is the following possible with either of the two:
I have a product which consists of 3 x 3 images. Each of these can be 
changed with a javascript wizard that I build.
So for example on the first image slot, you can select a.jpg, b.jpg and 
c.jpg. And on the second you can select d.jpg and e.jpg.

Best regards,

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