[TYPO3-english] Is usage of id=alias broken in 6.0?

Patrick Schriner patrick.schriner at diemedialen.de
Thu Feb 7 16:17:30 CET 2013

Hi Herbie,

Maybe this is due to the removal of simluatestatic as a system extension?


It was released as a ter-extension:  


On Thu, 07 Feb 2013 15:51:25 +0100, Christian Herberger  
<herberger at punkt.de> wrote:

> Hi list,
> we did an upgrade from TYPO3 4.5 to 6.0. On the page, we are using  
> pagealiases like "login" or "ajaxpage" to identify pages with specific  
> functions to redirect to them or use them in scripts. When we opened  
> index.php?id=login in 4.5, we got to the login page. In 6.0, we get the  
> following exception: "#1343589451: Could not fetch page data for uid 0."
> Does someone else have this problem, or are we the only ones using page  
> aliases that way? Additional information: RealURL can use the parameter  
> correctly to generate a path, typolink without RealURL generates the  
> id=alias-string, so it breaks the link as well.
> Regards, Herbie

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