[TYPO3-english] Uncaught TYPO3 Exception

Robert Wildling rowild at gmx.net
Wed Apr 17 16:38:18 CEST 2013

Thanks, Jigal!

It's a bit weird, because the site is actually a single-load site and 
the menues are all solved with directory-TypoScripts.

The protocoll shows the error about once every day for about 20 or so 
times in a row in very short time periods (like milliseconds or so). 
Also the times a weird: something between 3 an 7 in the morning. Looks 
like a crawler is trying to get something.

Well: I kicked out the spacer menu and created a robots.txt and a 
sitemap.xml (which is probably in no connection to the problem, but 
anyway). I will see over the next few days, what - if anything - will 

BTW: this is the site, in case anyone is interested: www.krahphix.at

Thanks to all for you generous help!
All the best,

> Hi,
> On 17-4-2013 10:06, Robert Wildling wrote:
>> thank you for the quick response! - Please help me understand: is this
>> behaviour bad (for eg SEO or validity) or can it be ignored? Or what
>> would the proper usage of a SPACER be (at the moment I only use it in
>> the backend to seperate some Sysfolders from the main Website
>> structure...)?
> A 'spacer' page was meant for cases where a gap in the menu in the
> frontend was needed. It's not rendered as a link to a page, so in theory
> nobody should request those pages in their browser.

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