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Hi I did implement yesterday by
> some RTE configuration. So Editor can enter it in Header or in
> rte-textfield. But he still needs to edit by typing the icon-name. For
> example ... If he wants to make the icon-barcode to be shown, he has to
> enter <icon>barcode</icon> in header or rte_textfield. It will get
> transformed to <i class="icon-barcode">&nbsp;</i> In my opinion editor
> can read easily what to expect by <icon>barcode</icon>. If you want I
> can post you my rte tsconfig snippet. greetings felix Am 02.04.2013
> 16:52, schrieb Toni Andric:
>> >  Hello,
>> >
>> >  i am wondering if there is a way to include Font awesome in to typo3
>> >  throught extension.
>> >
>> >  For example when i choose "Sitemap">  "List of subpages of selected
>> >  page" and in Headers.
>> >
>> >  I can put an icon if u put Header in text and edit code. I add
>> >
>> >  <i class="icon-xxx">&nbsp;</i>  inside<H>  tag
>> >
>> >  but the problem is that client wount know how to do this.
>> >
>> >  Any1 know or has done this before?
>> >

Hello Felix,

giving you code would be awesome. I was looking around for extension for 
it but i couldnt find any. Font Awesome is what it says, AWESOME, and i 
rly use it a lot with my projects but i miss the Typo3 support for it.

Sometimes i hardcode something or place a HTML block so i can use em. I 
am no extension dev or anything like it, but i am sure some1 could make 
an extension or it could be core.

On Jquerymobile.com there is Codiqa, they have the solution for handling 
icons rly good. Select it from a dropdown, select its position Left, 
Right, Above, Below and thats it.

As i said, i have a "list of subpages of selected page" throught Sitemap 
content element and when i place it on my web its works like a charm but 
i dont have the icons. I know i can make a list inside RTE and then 
place em manually but my client will not be able to do this.

Send me the code u offered please so i try it out.

Have a nice day.

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