[TYPO3-english] Image Magick Thread Limit, 1und1

N3 info at netzhochdrei.net
Thu May 17 14:53:44 CEST 2012

Hello everyone,


just wanted to share this since it was hard to come by. I had a problem with
a TYPO3 Installation at 1und1 Shared Hosting Services. Although TYPO3 finds
all settings and seems to run as should Convert seems to fail. It took a lot
of talking to different people on the support until someone said there was a
problem with the current version they use (6.6.04) on some Debian servers
since it was eating up to much memory. They offered a workaround until
everything is fixed but couldn't tell me where to put this workaround. The
workaround is as follows:




Just add this to your localconf.php and everything will work again.





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