[TYPO3-english] link and character number limitation

Éric Thibault Eric.Thibault at dc.ulaval.ca
Thu Feb 23 17:07:54 CET 2012

I've narrowed it down to the typo3/jsfunc.tbe_editor.js  and the function rawurlencode... This function receives from somewhere a maxlen parameter of true and cuts URLs at 200 char... I've modified that function on my DEV system and changed the 200 to 400 with no side effect except that my URLs are not cut anymore...

Is there a better way to correct this then to change the JS file directly?

rawurlencode: function(str,maxlen) {
	var output = str;
	//if (maxlen)	output = output.substr(0,200);
	if (maxlen)	output = output.substr(0,400);
	output = encodeURIComponent(output);
	return output;

Thanks a million times!

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>Subject: [TYPO3-english] link and character number limitation
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>Hello to all.
>I have an extension that registers, among other things, URL links.  When users paste directly their URL inside the URL field, no bugs... but if they use the wizard (tiny pen calling /typo3/browse_links.php), the URL previously pasted gets truncated at 200 characters...  If I >do the same operation inside a wysiwyg field, the browse_links.php window (/typo3/sysext/rtehtmlarea/mod3/browse_links.php) doesn't limit the number of characters!
>After debugging a bit, I've found that the pen's link calling the wizard has the 200 char limitation... Is there a way to cancel or change that URL length limitation via TCA.php?
>'wizards' => Array(
>'_PADDING' => 2,
>'link' => Array(
>'type' => 'popup',
>'title' => 'Link',
>'icon' => 'link_popup.gif',
>'script' => 'browse_links.php?mode=wizard', 'JSopenParams' => 'height=300,width=500,status=0,menubar=0,scrollbars=1'
>Thanks a million times!

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