[TYPO3-english] Creating Realurls For Custom Table Records

mohammad.farooq at steria.co.in mohammad.farooq at steria.co.in
Thu Feb 23 14:14:24 CET 2012

Hi List,

I have a custom TYPO3 extension which creates 5 tables.

To create real urls for records from those tables, I created an entry in 
realurl_conf.php as this:

'portfolio' => array( 
                array( // postVar start 
                        'GETvar' => 'puid',
                        'lookUpTable' => array(
                                'table' => 'my_portfolio_table',
                                        'id_field' => 'uid',
                                'alias_field' => 'title',
                                'addWhereClause' => ' AND NOT deleted',
                                'useUniqueCache' => 1,
                                'useUniqueCache_conf' => array(
                                               'strtolower' => 1,
                                        'spaceCharacter' => '-',

It works fine for some records and I can create a clean url : /
Issue is:
1. Not all records are getting entered into tx_realurl_uniqalias
2. Some records of other tables are not entered at all into 
tx_realurl_uniqalias i.e 0 entries
3. Only a few records are getting entered for some tables into 

Please suggest me the way to populate the table tx_realurl_uniqalias with 
all records tables portfolio  etc like tt_news does seemlessly.

Mohammad Farooq

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