[TYPO3-english] How do you organize external TypoScript files?

Marcus Schwemer typo3 at schwemer.de
Wed Feb 22 17:28:15 CET 2012

Hi Oliver,

from the point of directory structure I agree with the others, but I 
would go one step further and use an own simple extension for it. It 
contains all css / img / js and whatever files you need.


It moves out those files from access of "normal" users, if (as in most 
cases) the filemount is not limited to certain subfolders below "fileadmin".

Another advantage is that you can download your ext, upload it to 
another site, add the main setup and constants and you have the site 
mostly running.

If you add other extensions like tt_news, user-registration, et al. to 
the requirements, it even forces you to install them. :-)


Am 21.02.12 15:16, schrieb Oliver Salzburg:
> A couple of questions came up when I was just trying to move all my
> TypoScript into external files.
> 1) Given the Constants/Setup structure of TS (which I don't think I
> fully understand), should I maintain 2 files? 1 for the Constants part
> and 1 for the Setup part?
> I was hoping I could put both in 1 file but was unable to make it work.
> 2) Any recommendations on file names, storage location for the TS files?
> 3) What's the best way to edit the files? I like to use Aptana, as
> synching for all my projects is already properly configured in there.
> So working in it is very comfortable.
> I tried DEV3, but the color scheme doesn't really work with the default
> Aptana color scheme (results in dark blue text on black background) and
> I found no way to configure the coloring.
> Cheers
> Oliver

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