[TYPO3-english] stdWrap.required with undefined constants

Philipp Gampe typo3.lists at philippgampe.info
Wed Feb 22 00:48:57 CET 2012

Hi Steffen,

> Only option (as bug fix) I see is to replace everything, which looks
> like a constant, but got not replaced while replacing all constants.
> But that's more a general issue and doesn't only cover required but a
> general "do you want to have {$blaa} in your output, or should {$blaa}
> have been replaced with an empty string before?".

I would like to have all substituted {$foobar} replaced before the 
processing is done.
Might break some strange setups, but if somebody really wants to have the 
value {$foobar}, then he should be prepared, that this will break as soon 
somebody adds a constant named foobar.
So I think this change would be backwards compatible - that means only 
broken setups might break.

Best regards
Philipp Gampe – PGP-Key 0AD96065

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