[TYPO3-english] realurl, aeautoconf and multiple domains: no redirect

Peter Kühnlein peter at function2form.net
Tue Feb 14 17:05:55 CET 2012

Good afternoon List,

I have a problem with an installation where I use realurl and aeurltool. 
I have added further domains to the tree in different root-pages (the 
root page numbers now are 1, 80, 105 and 198 respectively). Each root 
page contains a template with the config.baseURL set to the correct 
domain URL and has "use as root page" checked: they all have the small 
world icon.

However, when I click on, say, page 199 to view it, it shows up in the 
browser with the address of the first domain plus index.php?id=199, 
instead of the address of the fourth domain and index.php?id=199. 
Furthermore, I renamed realurl_autoconf.php to realurl_autoconf.php.alt, 
cleared the caches and waited for realurl_autoconf.php to be generated 
anew with the entries for the new domains. But nothing at all happened: 
no such file was generated.

I'm way confused, since I expected that somewhere the assignment of 
domains to root page ID's should be made. It seems that this does not 
happen though.

Can anyone help me? Can I manually add those root page <-> domain 
assignments? I milked google until it was dry, but no solution I found 
is applicable here.

Thanks for your help:



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  for times of war."


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