[TYPO3-english] realurl, aeautoconf and multiple domains: no redirect

Mark Boland mark.boland at boland.de
Tue Feb 14 20:12:45 CET 2012

Hi Peter,

do you have added domain records to all your root pages? That's what Realurl uses to map (multiple) domains to a root page. 

Call your website from the Frontend. That triggers the generation of autoconf. Preview from the backend always calls same domain that you have logged in with (to have the same Cookie-Domain) and will not redirect to your set domain.

Am 14.02.2012 um 17:05 schrieb Peter Kühnlein <peter at function2form.net>:

> Good afternoon List,
> I have a problem with an installation where I use realurl and aeurltool. I have added further domains to the tree in different root-pages (the root page numbers now are 1, 80, 105 and 198 respectively). Each root page contains a template with the config.baseURL set to the correct domain URL and has "use as root page" checked: they all have the small world icon.
> However, when I click on, say, page 199 to view it, it shows up in the browser with the address of the first domain plus index.php?id=199, instead of the address of the fourth domain and index.php?id=199. Furthermore, I renamed realurl_autoconf.php to realurl_autoconf.php.alt, cleared the caches and waited for realurl_autoconf.php to be generated anew with the entries for the new domains. But nothing at all happened: no such file was generated.
> I'm way confused, since I expected that somewhere the assignment of domains to root page ID's should be made. It seems that this does not happen though.
> Can anyone help me? Can I manually add those root page <-> domain assignments? I milked google until it was dry, but no solution I found is applicable here.
> Thanks for your help:
> Peter
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