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Colin & Maureen Pridham cmbigsnow at bigpond.com
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Hi Philipp,

 I'd love to develop features when I get up to speed.
Thank you for your feedback.  I'm new to open source stuff,
And you have explained it really well.
Best Regards,

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Hi Colin,

Colin & Maureen Pridham wrote:

>   Can anyone give me any thoughts about where you feel TYPO3 will be 
> in 12 months
> And how FLUID and FLOW3 will be by then ?

Well, you do YOU want it to be ;) Make suggestions ...

> I'm trying to plan out how our organisation is going to look in 12 
> months with TYPO3,

Read the news at http://news.typo3.org and the minutes of the release team:

Regarding FLOW3:

Also check the roadmaps.
TYPO3 is developed by a community of interested developers. So there is no "promised" feature unless you are willing to pay a dev for it.
New features depend on passionate developers doing those things in there free time.
People have projects in mind, but nobody can make a promise that certain features are available within a given timeframe. All they can say is that they are willing to work on certain topics.
> And how fast we implement strategies.
How about implementing features for TYPO3 ;) the community will be thankful.

Best regards
Philipp Gampe – PGP-Key 0AD96065

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