[TYPO3-english] What's going on with styles.content.imgtext.maxW?

Oliver Salzburg oliver.salzburg at googlemail.com
Mon Feb 13 18:03:47 CET 2012

On 2012-02-13 17:25, Xavier Perseguers wrote:
> Hi Oliver,
> Oliver Salzburg wrote:
>> So today I was very confused why an image on our website refused to
>> scale to a size greater than 300x227 pixels. No matter what values I
>> provided under Image Adjustments in Appearance tab, it wouldn't grow
>> beyond 300 pixels in width.
>> [...]
>> Given that the 600 is the default value, only seen by the user in the
>> constant editor, wouldn't it make sense to display some sort of warning
>> if a user tries to set a size for an image that exceeds the limit?
>> I mean, the user is not going to have any idea that a default limit is
>> in place. And even if he does, he won't see how it is relevant (given
>> that the value for the limit is *twice* the actual limit).
> Are you sure you did not define *2 columns* of images in your Appearance
> tab? The maximal width is calculated based on the limit you have + the
> number of columns you choose. As 2 columns is the default value, I'd bet
> that this is where the problem comes from...

Thanks, but that wasn't it.

The "Number of Columns" dropdown in the "Image Alignment" section is
set to "1". I have never touched that setting for any content element
in our site (as far as I can remember).

But I think I just found my explanation:

> Max Image Width (Text)[styles.content.imgtext.maxWInText]
> Same as above, but this is the maximum width when text is wrapped
> around an imageblock. Default is 50% of the normal Max Image Width.

So I guess it's all my fault again after all (especially for not
mentioning floating image layouts).

I stand by my opinion that something like this must be reflected in
the user interface where relevant (like when the user defines the
desired size of an image).


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