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Markus Klein klein.t3 at mfc-linz.at
Mon Feb 13 15:03:32 CET 2012

Hi Chris!

There has been a recent change in TYPO3, which is that Shortcuts actually trigger a redirect to the target page.
When the tutorials were created, this behavior was different; hence the resulting URL didn't contain any path.

I recommend keeping everything in the Root page.

Kind regards

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> Hi there,
> I am developing a site using Typo3 and have started with the tutorials and they all seem to recommend using a shortcut as the root
> page.
> So I have the following be structure:
> Root (Shortcut to id=2)
>     |- Home (id=2)
>     |- Category 1 etc...
> However I would like the Home page to be domain.org and not a redirect to domain.org/home/ , which would be the normal way to
> achieve this?
> I have looked into:
>   1. Reversing the shortcut from home page (id=2) to the root page. This keeps navigation working but means that root page is a
> normal page losing the benefits of having it as a shortcut
>   2. Using Replace Content on the Root page with content from the home page.
> This won't use any templates used by the home page so doesn't seem to be correct.
> Any help much appreciated.
> Chris Affleck
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