[TYPO3-english] Home page url

Christopher Affleck affleckc at frontierpitts.com
Mon Feb 13 14:08:54 CET 2012

Hi there,

I am developing a site using Typo3 and have started with the tutorials and they
all seem to recommend using a shortcut as the root page.

So I have the following be structure:
Root (Shortcut to id=2)
    |- Home (id=2)
    |- Category 1 etc...

However I would like the Home page to be domain.org and not a redirect to
domain.org/home/ , which would be the normal way to achieve this?

I have looked into: 
  1. Reversing the shortcut from home page (id=2) to the root page. This keeps
navigation working but means that root page is a normal page losing the benefits
of having it as a shortcut
  2. Using Replace Content on the Root page with content from the home page.
This won't use any templates used by the home page so doesn't seem to be

Any help much appreciated.

Chris Affleck

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