[TYPO3-english] My next step into the ether

Colin & Maureen Pridham cmbigsnow at bigpond.com
Tue Feb 7 13:29:30 CET 2012



I am writing a log in page, that must get authentication details from
another server.

I'm using version 4.6.4 and windows 7.


I know the format I need to send:




And I should get back info about the user.


How do I send a request to the url ?


I presume that it would be something like 



$MyURL = 'https://www....';

   $data  = $myURL . $TOKEN1 . $TOKEN2;

   $response =  ...  Some_php_function  ($data);

If ( !isset($response['valid'])  die("Invalid User.');

  FCE_TEXT(user details) ... = $response;   // formatted by me



Is this correct ?


Any help is appreciated.





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