[TYPO3-english] HTTPS, TYPO3 and static resources (images, etc.)

Jason A. Lefkowitz jason at jasonlefkowitz.net
Wed Feb 1 18:25:02 CET 2012

Hey all --

I have a TYPO3 Web site that needs to have its home page (and *only* its 
home page) served over SSL.

My first stab at dealing with this was to install the HTTPS Enforcer 
which lets you specify particular pages in your TYPO3 site that should 
be forced to HTTPS. And the extension works as advertised! But there's a 
problem -- while requests for one of those pages are indeed handled over 
SSL, resources included inline in the page (like images) are not 
delivered over SSL. So you get a warning in your browser (which, 
depending on the browser, can range from a quiet information message to 
a full-out screaming warning page) telling you that the page isn't 
*completely* secure, which (understandably) freaks people out.

So my question is -- how do you get TYPO3 to deliver a *complete* page 
over SSL, including modifying the URLs of static resources so they are 
delivered securely too? Is there some way to configure/extend HTTPS 
Enforcer to do that? Is there another extension that's better in this 
scenario? Or am I just completely out of luck?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

-- Jason

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