[TYPO3-english] Typogento?

Giuseppe glpunzi at lordzealon.com
Fri Nov 25 09:41:24 CET 2011

El 24/11/2011 20:41, Richard Davies escribió:
> Hi,
> Have a look around (
> http://typo3.org/extensions/repository/?tx_terfe_pi1[view]=search&no_cache=1&tx_terfe_pi1[sword]=shop).
> There are a few shops out there. If you look at the archives for the
> mailing list you may find some more information, there have been threads
> like this before.
> We've gone through many iterations for our sites: previous developers have
> developed two different shop extensions (which we found weren't stable
> enough at times), we've used tt_products, but none of them have met our
> expectations/stability/flexibility. At the moment we are using Multishop
> which is easily extensible, looks good, however I've had to modify it to
> add a few features (although the last version I started on was 1.0.26, but
> doubt these features have been added, checked the changelog since).

I will check link and MultiShop, thanks.

But you can share this improvements to multishop?


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