[TYPO3-english] Typogento?

Simon Dawes typo3list at cerebrum.com.au
Thu Nov 24 22:35:12 CET 2011

Hi Guiseppe,

We have used tt-products for several shops in TYPO3 with success, 
(generally we have paid to have access to the more recent versions (2.7, 
2.8, ..). It works fine for the simpler shops we do, although can be 
tricky to configure and payment integration is some times a hassle.

Recently we have started to work with Magento for more complex shops, 
mainly because it delivers all the requirements for a shop with hacking 
things! And it actually makes sense to our shop owners as well to admin use.

But the CMS aspect of Magento is not great so we use TYPO3 for this, we 
looked at typogento but found lots of problems.

So in the end we use a hybrid setup, using both systems. Yes it means 
maintaining two templates and admins etc. But both systems can do what 
they are good at, and actually separating the admins has some benefits.

We have then done work on using the SOAP interface to allow the systems 
to integrate better (highlight/list products in TYPO3 pages for instance).

There are use complications with this approach of course but we feel 
they are worth it for the functionality we get.

Cheers Simon

On 24/11/2011 8:11 PM, Giuseppe wrote:
> Hi,
> I need to retake my efforts in shop implementation for our own site.
> I'm looking, and typogento looks a good option, but somebody knows if is
> continued (updated in middle last year), and if is compatible with
> latest Magento 1.6.10?
> Other working options actually?
> Regards.

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