[TYPO3-english] Under maintenance page while upgrading

Richard Davies richard at ocular.co.nz
Mon Nov 21 22:14:18 CET 2011


Simply rename/unlink your index.php, put up a 'maintenence' index.php with
maintenence info (you can put html content in a php file if you don't know
php). You can still access the install tool (as the actual file for the
install tool is at typo3/install). As all calls to unknown URLS are
directed to index.php, everyone will see the maintenence file. No matter
what URL they put in (unless they are accessing images etc). When you are
finished updating, replace the index.php file with the actual typo3 one.


On 22 November 2011 10:06, <yanagik317 at netscape.net> wrote:

> Typo3sters,
> I sort of searched through the archives and couldn't really find.  Is
> there "easy" way to put up a little "Under Maintenance" type of page while
> I upgrade Typo3?
> I tries playing around with changing DirectoryIndex but that didn't really
> work.  I still got the usual front page instead of my cute little
> maintenance.html.
> I'm vaguely thinking I can just change DNS while upgrading, but that would
> steer even my own laptop (unless I play with /etc/hosts, blah).  Typo3Wiki
> says to "think of active users" and I will, at least of those who may
> update pages by telling them not to, but what of the general public access?
>  Would they see some weird stuff while schema change is being applied to
> the database, etc?
> Obvious newbie I am.  I'd appreciate input from those that have gone
> through this before.
> Thank you,
> --Koji
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