[TYPO3-english] Integrating external DB via API into Typo3

Bart Zonneveld mail at bartzon.nl
Mon Nov 21 11:27:10 CET 2011

Hello list,

I'm currently struggling with the following problem, and I hope someone from the list can clear some things up.

My client has an existing Typo3 setup, namely a website about a filmfestival. They want a general database to store movie information in, which I'll build for them. This database will contain movies, directors, screenings, basically a lot of business logic specific to their situation. I've looked into the wfqbe extension, but since the business logic is rather extensive, I cannot model this in wfqbe. 

Ideally, I want to build an external app with database to store all the information, and retrieve this information in the frontend of Typo3. All authentication and business logic can be handled in this app, so no need for a link between the backend of Typo3 and this database. 

However, the information in the database should be available in Typo3. The users of the Typo3 setup should ideally be able to fill their templates with information is stored in the external app. Since I'll build this app from scratch, I can offer the information in a variety of formats, JSON-P, RSS, XML and so on.

Can you advise me on the best way to connect an external app to the templates in Typo3?

Thanks in advance!

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