[TYPO3-english] config.minifyJS deprecated since TYPO3 4-6?

Josef Florian Glatz typo3 at josdesign.at
Mon Nov 14 12:17:43 CET 2011

Hello list,

im actually refactoring my own framework-extension which I used to 
speedup developing websites. Many predefined static typoscript 
templates, ... are inside and ready to use.

Since a few TYPO3 versions config.minifyJS and config.minifyCSS and 
config.concatenateJsAndCss is available.

TYPO3 4-6 introduces:

config.compressJs = 1
config.compressCss = 1
config.concatenateJs = 1
config.concatenateCss = 1

page.includeJSlibs {
     jquery = code.jquery.com/jquery-1.6.1.min.js
     jquery.external = 1
     jquery.disableCompression = 1
     jquery.excludeFromConcatenation = 1

So I think for future websites I can using the new features and can 
forget config.minifyJS, config.minifyCSS andconfig.concatenateJsAndCss?

I know that this "older" settings needs an own handler to doing real 

Thx in advance!

Josef Florian Glatz

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