[TYPO3-english] Extension searched for mailing to customers

hinterindien at gmx.net hinterindien at gmx.net
Mon Nov 14 12:44:36 CET 2011

Hi List, 

I am searching for a suitable extension for Typo3 4.5 to send plaintext-mails to our customers. Customer-data is in table fe_user and in connected tables.

- Preparation of recipient list has to be flexible: there has to be a possibility to select a subset of the customers depending on last mail sent, activity of customer, and other properties of the customer

- the mails have to be stored for future use and have to have an internal name so that they can be easily identified

- the emails should be stored in an extra table. Using the table "pages" as direct-mail does, doesn't work for us.

- it has to be possible to personalize the mail depending on the data stored for each customer

Any suggestions, which extension would do the job/nearly do the job?

Thank you for any suggestion

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