[TYPO3-english] hide tables of own extension in web_list

Sergey Alexandrov serg at alexandrov.us
Thu Nov 3 15:57:57 CET 2011

1. Create a separate BE group and deny access to the tables you want to 
hide OR
2. ext_tables.php: $TCA['your_table_name']['ctrl']['hideTable'] = 1;

On 11/3/2011 3:56 AM, Domi wrote:
> Hello,
> I wrote an extension where the BE-User can add/edit all data over the 
> list view - configured through TCA. But I have so many tables which 
> showing up now, that I want to restrict that only severals will get 
> displayed. How is this possible?
> Can I get the search of TYPO3 backend configured, that its also 
> searching over specified extension table?
> Thanks for any hints,
> Dominic
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