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Dmitry Dulepov dmitry.dulepov at gmail.com
Thu Nov 3 09:33:44 CET 2011


François Suter wrote:
> The first reason was the sheer size of Core APIs: with the updates for
> 4.3 it had gone over 200 pages, which was unwieldy both for users (I
> think) and maintainers (I know ;-) ). As the reference to the TCA could
> stand on its own and it represented about half of Core APIs, I figured
> it could very well be a manual of its own.
> It also made sense in that this part is a real reference, much like the
> TSref, whereas Core APIs is a kind of melting pot about TYPO3 APIs,
> programming advice and other "sub-systems" (like how to use the system
> registry, etc.). And the TCA reference "gained" one level of table of
> contents (by not being just a chapter), which makes for a more
> accessible TOC.
> Last but not least, the TCA reference is a relatively straightforward
> manual to maintain: add new features for a new TYPO3 release, adapt
> description for changed features. On the contrary, Core APIs is tougher
> to maintain, because it very often requires more details (for example,
> the new caching framework is (or will be) a whole chapter). So the the
> hope is that we (the Documentation Team) can react faster with this
> reference and not have it blocked by the rest of the Core APIs. which
> was definitely the case since the last update (for 4.3).

Excellent reasoning! Thank you.

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