[TYPO3-english] Looking for Typo3 tutor in Berlin or via skype screensharing (paid)

Christoph Stadler christophe at stadler.com
Tue Nov 30 22:07:39 CET 2010

Hello all,

this is a bit of an unusal request and i hope it is ok to post this kind 
of offer here, i'm posting this in this list and not the german one 
since although i'm located in berlin i am looking for either a german or 
englisch (or even french) typo3 expert.

I have been using t3 for about 6 years and am able to create and 
maintain mutlilingual websites with it, i've installed and configured it 
probably more than a hundred times and read all available documentation 
over and over. I've also bought several Typo3 books of which most where 
simply not that helpfull since i rarely could apply anything i read in 
the realworld projects i did.

However, after all these years, I still have a lot of open questions and 
ideas of which i do not know how to implement.

What i really need is to be able to sit with someone who really knows 
typo3 very well and i could just go through my projects and get help on 
specific features. Most of my questions are under the 'How do i ...?' 
category ... i somehow fail to answer these questions myself, even after 
diggin through available documentation and tutorials several times and 
reading up on the basics over and over again.

So if anyone in Berlin or online who is interested in doing this i would 
be willing to pay for a couple of hours of this tutoring gladly, i've 
come to the point where i cannot invest more time trying to learn these 
things by myself anymore

Examples of what i would like to discuss/learn:

Customising extensions
Integrating data from external sources
Linking extensions, passing on data
Template Setup/Constants
Backend CSS customisation

you don't need to be a master of all topics mentioned above, but it 
would be nice if you'd be able to put those things in perspective for 
me, show me some tricks and maybe teach me essentials i need to know and 
have failed to learn

If you are interested and think you're qualified for this kind of 
tutoring you can contact me off list you can do so at lists @ 
chindustronik.com or maybe post your details here since other people 
might be interested as well ...

thanks for your time


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