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Mon Nov 29 21:19:52 CET 2010

Hi Angel

 > Hi,  I am on a project that ones to export to an rss file the tt_news 
 > of MOST POPULAR EXT, but I only get the hole news of my news admin.

The most confortable solution is to use Georg Ringer's chnewsfeeds 

But you can do it with built-in Typoscript config:

xmlnews = PAGE
xmlnews {
   typeNum = 100
   10 < plugin.tt_news
   10.pid_list = 103
   10.singlePid = 101
   10.defaultCode = XML

   10.categorySelection = x,y
   10.categoryMode = z

   config {
     disableAllHeaderCode = 1
     additionalHeaders = Content-type:text/xml
     no_cache = 1
     xhtml_cleaning = 0

Replace x,y with the list of the categories and z with the mode:

2 = Show news which have all selected categories assigned (AND)
1 = Show news which have at least one of the selected categories 
assigned (OR)
0 = Show all. Don't care about category selections
-1 = Show news which not have all of the selected categories assigned (AND)
-2 = Show news which have none of the selected categories assigned (OR)

Best regards,


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