[TYPO3-english] PHP-Warnings will not be displayed

hinterindien at gmx.net hinterindien at gmx.net
Sat Nov 27 23:19:38 CET 2010

Hello friends, 

I came across a weired problem: 

In my php-error-log php warnings will not be displayed - but only if they are produced inside TYPO3 4.4.4 

I tested the following lines:

foreach (NULL as $v){}	
implode(', ',NULL);
$a = 1/0; 

The first line makes sure, error-reporting for warnings is enabled, the next lines produce one warning each. 

That works fine, if I run the lines in a small test.php: I get three warnings in the log-file. 

The same lines called inside TYPO3 don't result in any PHP-Warning.

If I change the first line to "error_reporting(E_ALL)" and run it inside TYPO3, I get lots of  PHP Notice, but not a single PHP Warning in my logfile. 

Seems there is a mechanism working TYPO3 4.4.4 that swallows PHP Warnings.

Any idea?

Thanks for help

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