[TYPO3-english] typo3 4.4 BE webkit com.apple.quarantine

Bjoern Pedersen bjoern.pedersen at frm2.tum.de
Mon Nov 22 17:07:59 CET 2010

Am 22.11.2010 15:20, schrieb Felix Feierabend:

> Scenario:
> When i use Safari to login to the new Typo3 4.4 BE some styles are missing. Its not "blank" as If there were no stylesheets but broken. 
> Observation:
> in typo3temp/compressor/merge-XXXXXXX.css there are weird lines with wrong character encodings. mostly the only readable part is "com.apple.quarantine" these lines are written everywhere in this css file.

How did you look at those files? On the server  via shell access? Or via
the browser?. For me the name suggest that those files got mangeld by
some anti-virus software. See e.g.
http://hints.macworld.com/article.php?story=20071029151619619 or

> What i think is happening:
> When opening the BE the "merger" is activated. To merge all those css files it needs to "download" them first. this is were those lines sneak in. then when merged they may falsely be interpreted as css code and printed in the merged-XXX.css file.

As Steffen said, the merger runs on the server only.

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