[TYPO3-english] Problem TT_NEWS HEADER LIST, LIST and LIST same page

agarcia at empel-technologies.es agarcia at empel-technologies.es
Tue Nov 16 10:21:55 CET 2010

Good Morning,

On first place thank you to let us to publicate our problems about typo3.

I´m working on a project where we use tt_news extensión with three plugins on 
the same page.

We have a dropdown menu where we put two plugins:
plugin1. tt_news code Header list, plugin2. tt_news code List

and on the main page with have a third plugin TT_news with code LIST.

The three plugins goes to the same CATEGORY of the news.

The problem that we have if that we cannot have the two list plugin working at 
the same time, if we do it, the main list puts no news on the list, and on the 
submenu list its ok, header don´t work, and if i drop off the list on submenu 
dropdown, the header works and the main works, but another problem that we have 
its that it doesn´t show the news of the header on the list of main page.

barra submenu desplegable 	Plugin 1. TT_news	Header List
			        Plugin 2. TT_news	List

Pagina Princial			Plugin 3. TT_news	List

Thank you for your help, best regards
Ángel García

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