[TYPO3-english] pagebrowse installation warning

Guus Leeuw Jr guus.leeuw at itpassion.com
Sun Nov 14 10:31:46 CET 2010



I was hoping to integrate EXT:comments into my TYPO3 sites, after
successfully sticking EXT:ratings in there.

So I imported EXT:comments, and tried to install it. Turns out, EXT:comments
depends on EXT:pagebrowse.

No worries, I imported EXT:pagebrowse. When I hit the install icon for
EXT:pagebrowse, it comes up with a warning:

"The running TYPO3 version ( is higher than allowed (4.3.99)"


What am I to do? Ignore this? Is there a replacement / newer version for
pagebrowse that works for TYPO3 Without pagebrowse, can I still get
EXT:comments to work?




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