[TYPO3-english] Questions regardsing TYPO3 4.5

Kay Strobach typo3 at kay-strobach.de
Thu Nov 11 17:00:23 CET 2010

Hello Dimitry,
Hello Guys,

> Fast??? Imagine List module loading on a page with lots of records.
> That's not fast at all.

I just meant to create the grid with an empty store.
The store should be filled in the moment when the grid comes visible. -
Fully agree with you - there is no need to preload content - but the
And in IE6 the store should be cleared, if the panel is invisible, to
save RAM.

Imagine the following use case:

User switches often between page and list module on the same page. (or
page A in listmodule and page B in pagemodule).
Currently we load the complete pagemodule and the listmodule every time
(in bad configurations with styles and images).

With my idea there is a ExtJS CardLayout which holds all the BE Modules
UI in RAM. Switch won't cause any request (perhaps updating the store(s)).
For that functionality the cards need to know for which page(s) their
content is valid for.

Backwardscompatibility can be achived with hidden iframes which are
observed with ExtJS and loaded/created when the card got's visible first

I think some kb of JS code which prevent pageloadings are acceptable.

It's just an idea, that need to be discussed.

Best regards

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