[TYPO3-english] strange results after upload

Santiago santi013 at arcor.de
Tue Nov 9 17:03:17 CET 2010


Steffen Gebert wrote:
> > Is the Typo3 4.4.4 known to work with PHP 5.2.14
> works

based on your statement I checked my extension twice with several Typo3 
installations, but I could not find any misbehaviour (on my dev-system).

Then I read the changelog from php between 5.2.14 and 5.3 and there where 
changes respect to PCRE and dom, so I thought - it could be the reason.

So I installed an openSuse 11.1 - which has the PHP version 5.2.14 - and there 
my extension fails. Just for curiosity I installed another openSuse but 11.2 
(which has the PHP 5.3.3) and there my extension works.

From my little extension I can state, that cObj->substituteMarkerArrayCached 
works with PHP 5.2.14 as well as cObj->substituteSubpart
The failing call is cObj->substituteMarkerArray ...

I'm not a  PHP-Programmer and so I'm not able to hack Typo3. I just do a 
little coding in my sparetime.
So is there any extension developer who uses Suse 11.1 and knows workarounds 
on that issue?

The point is, that I can't tell the hoster, to update his SLES-installations 
and changing the hoster is not an option either.

Any help is very appreciated!

kind regards


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