[TYPO3-english] indexed_search + deleted tt_news

Luc Muller l.mul-nospam-ler at ameos.com
Tue Nov 9 10:50:17 CET 2010

Hi list.

I'm encountering a little problem, and got no ideas how to handle it.
May Am I just missing a configuration point.

Here's the trick.

I got frontend indexing on my website.
this way tt_news are proprely indexed.
but, by the time a backend user deleted or hide a news.
the news item is still displayed in the indexed_search result list.

I'd like to know a method to not display deleted AND/OR hidden items 
(mainly news) in the result list of indexed_search.

Do someone already dealed with that ?

Thanks in advance for any helps.

Luc Muller

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